WANDERER collection. Ethical, timeless, sustainable


  Hello and welcome,

We are Blaze & Mel creators and the mothers to the inspiration behind the brand Harper & Harlow.
When we set out to create Harper and Harlow the label, we really wanted to create something that is Ethical, timeless, sustainable along with being durable and beautiful to wear, which we can report with happy hearts that's exactly what our range reflects.
These are not just words to us we live our lives by these words.
We have made sure our designs reflect them with every thread.
From the designs and fabric to the manufacturing we have taken our time and worked hard to make sure every choice reflects our values.
Ethical- Thought and care has been dedicated to finding someone to produce the clothes that we align with and my goodness have we found the most incredible person to bring our designs to reality.
A kindhearted woman, mother and owner-operator of her factory where she employs 5 of her family and friends who sow the garments, with her two beautiful children playing in the background and husband by her side.
Knowing where your clothes come from and how they are made is becoming increasingly more important and not always possible.
We didn't start production until we had found a person who was aligned with our values and doing everything ethically at the manufacturing end.
We are so grateful we can share who makes your clothes and that its mothers with big hearts every step of the way from start to finish.
Sustainable - We are passionate about using natural fibres that are gentle and kind to our environment.
All of the fibres we use completely break down, are farmed in a positive way and are durable and seamlessly beautiful to wear.
Our designs are made to grow with you and your child so that they can last many different ages and stages.
Linen and Hemp farming practices are kind to the environment we have chosen organic fabrics to protect and preserve our land for our future generations.
Along with our fabrics and designs we have taken great care in making our products from manufacturing to postage plastic free.
We strongly believe that its our responsibility as individuals to make choices with the environment in mind.
Timeless- Along with our little ladies, this is what is the inspiration behind our designs we wanted to create something that lasts even the toughest adventures, grows with your child and can be handed down threw siblings and the generations to come.
Our styles are thoughtfully designed to be versatile and neutral so they can be worn with any thing and through any season.
WHY ? because we feel we have a responsibility to the planet and our children to make our choices from a loving and kind place. When creating anything we need to look at what sort of impact it has on the environment.
We have created long lasting clothes with timeless designs because we want to install in our girls things are made to last and to be loved for a long time, In our opinion Quality over quantity creates a mindful and happy life.
They really are so lovely to wear and there is something so wonderful to us about dressing ourselves and our little ones in natural fibered clothes designed and made by Mums who get what goes into the journey of raising wild hearted children.
So with grateful hearts we would like to thank you for supporting our small mindful business
Warm smiles,
Blaze and Mel xxx